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    How important is it for me to take the pill regularly?

    I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis a year ago and had surgery to remove it as well as a large cyst in the ovary. I was 23 when I found out. My gyno prescribed the pill flr me to take as a prevention/cure, which i have also been taking for a year.I'm not sexually active at all so it's still not a natural thing for me to take the pill as I'm not using it as a contraceptive. Recently I have been forgetting to take it for a day or two and then getting back on track again. I'm nervou that forgetting to take it occasionally will mean that my endometriosis will grow again… Or is it always growing & the pill just slows it down? Am I going to live with this for the rest of my life?
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  • Dr David Rosen


    Specialist endoscopic(keyhole) and robotic surgeon with interest in; prolapse and incontinence surgery, endometriosis, menstrual disorders including complicated hysterectomies by keyhole surgery, Essure hysteroscopic sterilization as … View Profile

    It is not known how or why endometriosis forms in some women and not in others, nor in whom it will recur after excision or at what rate. Whilst the use of the OCP (the Pill) or the Progesterone IUD (Mirena) is often used following surgery for endometriosis, it does not necessarily slow the rate of regrowth but rather helps with the pelvic pain and heavy bleeding that can be associated with this condition. Therefore, whilst it is important to take medication daily and regularly, missing one day every now and then will not cause a change in the recurrence of endometriosis, if it is going to recur at all.

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