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    Does hormone replacement therapy help with fatigue following hysterectomy?

    I had a total abdominal hysterectomy in July this year at age 50. Lots of adhesions from 2 previous c/sections. Was having regular painful periods before = main reason for Hysterectomy. Started night sweats and flushes regularly, as result of surgical menopause, not too drastic but GP has put me on KLIOGEST HRT 5 days ago which has helped totally (2mg estrogen/ 1mg progesterone). Had been very anti HRT before now and used bioidentical progesterone cream for years right up until now /before this. Main thing is FATIQUE still and insomnia. Will HRT help with all this?
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    Dr David Rosen


    Specialist endoscopic(keyhole) and robotic surgeon with interest in; prolapse and incontinence surgery, endometriosis, menstrual disorders including complicated hysterectomies by keyhole surgery, Essure hysteroscopic sterilization as … View Profile

    HRT should definately help and perhaps the oestrogen dose needs to be increased - you should speak to your surgeon about that. The most imprtnat thing is that, having had the uterus removed, you do not need to be on combined (oestrogen + progesterone) HRT and should immediately change to oestrogen only ERT.

    ERT (oestrogen only therapy) does not carry the small but documented increase in breast cancer risk that HRT does.

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    HealthShare Member

    Im on kliovance, after a month on kliogest.  The kliovance is only 1mg estrogen and 0.5 mg noreristherone. GP thought try less and see how it goes ie still prevent sweats / flushes (4 months post TAH + both ovaries and cervix) the fatigue is bad!!
    I thought ERT was dangerous for breast cancer ? I think having both is probably less risky. But fatigue is still a problem. Also just had thyroid and iron levels checked = ok
    I am also getting blood spotting under skin in my forearms since starting HRT… comes and goes. This also happening when I first started fluoxetine 2 years ago, 20mg. But all my blood platelet levels are fine too ???

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