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    Need some help for me and my son

    hi i'm new to this I am currently having some issues with my family friends and boss and it's all starting to get to much.I have days where i just hid in my room and not talk to anyone.i don't know what to do I suspect that i have depression but i've gone to my gp and he doesn't think so so i'm still stuck in the same situation.I'm a single mum with three kids the oldest being 17 and he's the one that is causing me stress the most. he's gotten himself in trouble with police for the third time.and he doesn't seem to care.they have not been serious things but the problem is we live in a small township and everybody knows everything that goes on and i received a phone call from a family member telling me that they heard down the street the incident that happened.and i'm the one that's got in trouble for it.he wasn't in my care he was in his fathers but since i'm the mother i get the blame.i suspect that he could have depression also as he can be happy then down usually after he has had a conversation with a friend.there is a friend of his that currently has been saying thinga in the town about him that are not true.and it's starting to get to him.anyway enough of him back to me.

    i have a friend that has been using me and her daughter and son have no respect for me what so ever but i've been trying to stick with it as i don't have many friends in thown i can talk to.her daughter is friends with my daughter and she can be really nasty to her but when i say someting to the mother she thinks that my daughter started it.and then when i do say something they get upset with me and give me guilt trips and make me feel really bad about what i've daughter is going into high school this year and she is so excited about it but we can't shake the 10year old friend away. my daughter has been called names and has been abused by the mother about things that she hasn't done.i'm stuck with that all the time.

    now with my boss i have issues with her cause when she is in a bad mood she takes it out on me.when she does the roster there are two other girls in my section and one is a casual.when i shift needs to be covered in another area the other two girls get asked and not me i have gone to her numorous times about this and she keeps coming up with excuses i have gone to her boss and she has turned around and told me that i have to talk to the manager about it but i can't because the manager is the problem.there is a whole lot more i can say but i've got to be a mum now and feed my 3yo thanks for listening.
    • candice roberts
    • keren robertson
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  • candice roberts

    HealthShare Member

    dear red head76,  i think you should try a different gp for a second opinion and maybe they could suggest a councellor to help get things of your chest it might help with all the stressful things going on at the moment  they might beable to give you ideas how to handle the situations that a rise,i hope things get better for you

  • keren robertson

    HealthShare Member

    wow you seem to have the lot going on! I would definitely get a different doctors opinion & also try to find a good counsellor for you & your family. I don't know where you are but when I was really sick & had no job & no money Anglicare was a great support to me so maybe see if they are in your area. It must be hard at work & you obviously need the extra money but if it's causing you stress to try to get the extra work then maybe don't bother if you can get by until you have some strategys in place for dealing with things better. One less stress has to be good. Take care try to keep smiling


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