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    Nothing seems to be working for my Anxiety and Depression, has this happened to you?

    I've been suffering from severe Anxiety for about eight months now, it is overidden my other health problems but has escalated due to 8 years of depression and the onset of menopause.  I have a very understanding and patient GP, together we have tried so many meds, but things are really bad at the moment and I am currently of Valium (to help get me throught he Christmas period) and have just swapped over to Paroxitine from Lexapro, before that I was on Zoloft.  My anxiety to me makes everything in life really really overwhelming, even simple tasks.  I can only take natural supps for menopause due to DVT's. Karen
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    Zoe P

    HealthShare Member

    Hi Karen,

    I find i get overwhelmed with anxiety at times too. I find meditation helps, can be more effective than medication. there are heaps of places that teach meditation, or meditation/hypnosis cds you can buy that can teach you, its stopped me from having panic attacks. Hatha Yoga is good also. Have you tried psychotherapy? sometimes its good to talk things out, sometimes you dont realise things that have been bothering you deep down untill you start talking about them. also, another simple technique is to start writing out all your worries/thoughts and feelings in a journal. it can be really helpful just to write it out sometimes and stop thoughts and anxieties from going around and around in your mind.


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    Karen Griffin

    HealthShare Member

    Thanks Zoe.  I did try meditation many months ago but I find it really hard to turn off, but I will try again, thanks.

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    Bec Ward

    HealthShare Member

    hi Karen,

    aside from menopause my story is very similar to yours. suffered depression for many years developed anxiety and ptsd. ive been on many different meds none have worked i see a counsellor and a psychologist but it hasnt helped much i also developed a movement disorder last year most likely caused by stress and mental illness. my gp wants me to see a psychiatrist though before putting me on medication… i cant get in to see the psychiatrist for months.

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    Renee Mill

    Clinical Psychologist, Psychologist

    Empowering people is my passion and life work. I have been working as a Clinical Psychologist in private practice for over thirty years. I have … View Profile

    Hi Karen

    Anxiety can be difficult to treat with medication. However, research shows that CBT , mindfulness and meditation deliver effective results. 

    The key is to persevere with your meditation. Every small gain is a victory. The more you repeat the tools that you learn, the more you will be calming your limbic system and training different neurons/ helpful neurons to fire.



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