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    My partner snores and it is affecting my sleep. What do I do?

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    Snoring is a common cause of sleep disturbance for bed partners. It can get very loud, up to 80 decibels, which is as loud as a blender or garbage disposal unit. There are 2 considerations with snoring, what is the effect of snoring on the person who is snoring and what is the effect for the bed partner?
    For the bed partner, options include trying to reduce the intensity of the noise by using ear-plugs. Alternatively, sleep in a separate room is something that can be done if the noise is really too loud for you to sleep. 
    For the snorer, it is important to look at why they are snoring and whether snoring is a marker for sleep apnea which may cause problems for them. Loud, regular snoring is something that should be discussed with your doctor who can then arrange referral for a sleep test or to see a sleep specialist if they feel this is needed. 
    For more information on snoring and sleep apnea see our information brochures on snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea.

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