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  • Q&A with Australian Health Practitioners

    How can I make sure my son is properly diagnosed by the school specialist for a learning disability?

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    Information is power! Read about different learning disabilities and assessment methods so that you understand the process used to diagnose your son. Ask questions and be an active participant in the process. Check what assessments will be used and see if they are formal/informal/standardised etc If you are unsure or disagree with the diagnosis, don't be afraid to source a second opinion, or a more comprehensive assessment. Your GP should be able to direct you to appropriate professionals in your local area to conduct these.

  • Ida Shapievsky


    Being a mother myself, I understand what it is like constantly worrying if you are doing the best job possible for your child. My passion … View Profile

    If you ever not sure, then maybe call a few experts that diagnose learning difficulties and ask them how do they go about diagnosing such a difficulty and what tools they use. It would also give you an opportunity to learn more about different type of learning difficulties. If you ever need information as to where to find these professionals, please do not hesitate to ask.

  • Liz Anderson

    Educational and Developmental Psychologist, Psychologist

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    It is also important to confirm which tests the school are doing. To diagnose a specific learning disability, a Registered Psychologist will need to do at least one of the tests. This is the intelligence test. You need to have this done so you can work out what your child's ability levels is in the first place. Then you have an idea of whether they are capable of achieving A,B, and / or C's. The academic testing will then give you an idea of what level they are actually achieving at.
    You need ability and achievement levels to be sure the child is not achieving their potential. 

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