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  • Q&A with Australian Health Practitioners

    What is the best treatment for hearing loss and deafness?

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    Dr Michael Cohen, Chiropractor is co-founder of the Chirosports Group one of Australia's leading groups of Chiropractors working together since 1994. Dr Michael Cohen Chiropractor … View Profile

    The best treatment for hearing loss and deafness is broad and varied depending on the source of the problem.  What I would like to share with you is something that may seem remote and odd or even a great yarn, but have you considered Chiropractic care?

    I need to be honest in telling you I am a very conservative Chiropractor and never about making sweeping statements about what results may be gained from Chiropractic care, however, the foundations of Chiropractic care dating back to D D Palmer refer to a Chiropractic treatment that helped someone with a hearing loss issue.

    Chiropractic care is about reducing nerve interference.  What a Chiropractor typically looks for when treating a client are areas where joint mobility is compromised.  Interestingly the C2/C3 area in what we call the upper cervical spine may affect hearing and ear function.

    If you have not considered Chiropractic care, perhaps it's something you may want to look into.

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    Dr David McIntosh

    Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Surgeon

    David McIntosh is an Australian trained ENT surgeon with international experience. His areas of interest are paediatrics, nose and sinus disease, and providing access to … View Profile

    Jessica has provided excellent advice. You need to have the type of hearing loss and degree of loss assessed by a university trained audiologist and may or may not need to see an ENT along the way. 

  • Kathryn Penno


    Hello and Welcome, I founded the Hearing Collective to give clients one location, a collective of hearing healthcare services that are convenient and accessible. Hearing … View Profile

    Hi, Good question.

    I agree with Dr McIntosh above. The following steps are recommended if you suspect hearing loss or Deafness.

    1. See a university trained audiologist to identify where the hearing loss or impairment is and the severity of hearing loss.

    2. Your audiologist may discuss the results and offer solutions and management strategies in line with your case history, communication and lifestyle needs. These can include aural rehab, monitoring thresholds, hearing technology/s, report and recommendations to see further specialists or allied health professionals. 

    Management for hearing loss has evoved into a vast portfolio of options for every client depending on their communication needs and efforts. Remember, the value of a hearing test (audiogram) is best provided with insights from a hearing healthcare professional on their own they may not represent much... Thanks, Kat Audiologist @ Hearing Collective

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