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  • Q&A with Australian Health Practitioners

    How can I prevent hearing loss and deafness?

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    Soundfair is a non-profit organisation committed to hearing equality and to transforming the experience and wellbeing of all people with hearing conditions. We do this … View Profile

    The common causes of hearing loss are:
    Exposure to dangerous/loud noise
    Untreated ear infections
    Trauma eg injury or motor car accident
    Congenital predisposition
    and Ageing
    To minimise hearing loss reduce exposure to loud noise or music and attend to medical conditions associated with the ears promptly. If you are concerned about hearing loss at any stage speak to your GP about a hearing assessment.

  • Raji Parangad


    No referrals required. Cosmetic hearing aid specialist ( we have the latest, most discreet hearing aids in the market), Custom ear plugs, Assertive listening devices. … View Profile

    Custom made noise plugs are beneficial. Noise cancelling ear muffs are great as well. If you are in music bands and is exposed to loud music, musicans ear plugs are to be used....Remember prevention is always better than a  cure...

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    Nicole Bowden


    Nicole is a well respected, trusted and caring independent Audiologist with over 25 years experience in both paediatric and adult audiology. Nicole's professional and ethical … View Profile

    Protecting our ears from loud noise, machinery or power tools with earplugs is the best way to preserve our hearing. Once our hearing is damaged from noise it is usually permanent, so best to protect it as much as possible. Customised earplugs can be made by an Audiologist to provide optimum comfort and noise protection. Avoiding the use of cotton buds and ear candling to clear wax from your ears is also recommended.

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