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    How can i loose the weight ive gained from puberty?

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    Im 21 years old and since hitting puberty my weight has become uncontrollable and I find myself binging on any and everything. I want to get back to my normal self again but am finding it hard to break the cycle of eating bad foods and also binge drinking and eating.
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  • Melanie McGrice is an Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian, one of the few dietitians in Australia to achieve that status. Her success has made her an … View Profile

    Hi! Thanks so much for posting this question as it seems to be a really common issue, yet few people do anything about it until it's too late!

    Firstly you need to know that the more weight you gain, the harder it is to get off, so you need to take control of this issue before you gain too much weight.

    Next, I'd really encourage you to get some personally tailored advice as it sounds like you need some proper support to help you break this cycle.

    In the interim, start with one small goal that you think you can change.  For example, do you think that you could cut out soft drink?  Or just start going to the gym?  Or even just changing to vodka with sparkling mineral water rather than alcopops?

    Good luck with it all! 

    Kind regards,


  • Lucy Johnston

    Exercise Physiologist, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer

    Owner ,Operator of Pro Health Studio, Exercise Physiology Clinic, Byron Bay. We service clients with chronic diseases, chronic injuries and weight issues right through to … View Profile

    This is a  common question and it's great you are seeking advice and being proactive about your health. Due to not knowing your individual background and pathology i can only give broad recomendations. However remember it is important to focus on what your body composition is NOT  your overall weight. This is because every body is different in their make up of fat cell percentage. Although we can decrease the size of our fat cells, we can not remove the cells we already have. What you can focus on is lean body tissue (predominantly muscle tissue) which can be manipulated through exercises such as resistance training and aerobic training. Once you begin increasing your lean muscle tissue you will also have the possibility of increasing your metabolic rate and therefore increase the burning of fat stores at rest. Once commencing exercise reguarly you may find you are getting improved sleep, increased stamina during the day and less cravings due to not needing that sugary eergy boost to keep you going. You may even start craving healthier foods and smaller portion sizes due to the post exercise euphoria you will receive once able to work at higher heart rate zones.  I definitely agree with Melanie's comment on decreasing fluids that are high in sugar such as fruit juice, soft drinks, cordials and of course alcohol. 'replace with water to feel complete, dont  just delete!

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