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    I suffered a stroke 15 years ago and feel that I no longer produce oxytocin.

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    I suffered a stroke 15 (yes 15, and I have counted EVERY  one of them) years ago.  it was a bleed, not a clot.  The stroke occurred in the midbrain.  I feel that I no longer produce oxytocin.  So, I cannot love, do not have fulfilling orgasms, and am a social reject.  And my blood pressure (once normally low) has gone up.  All of which are symptoms of low/no oxytocin.

    From the people who I have met who are variously disabled, and are also social rejects, it seems to me that any permanent and disabling head injury or disease (MD, schizophrenia etc) can cause this oxytocin deficiency, it is not just me falling into the all strokes are different category.

    Do other neurologically damaged people have these deficiencies?  Or is it just me, and that the stroke compounded a deficiency in oxytocin that was already there?
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