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    Hand held ultrasound

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    Does anyone have any experiance with hand held ultra sound devices eg. ultralieve etc i would be very interested to find out if the give any relief, i have a arm injury (twisted in auger type grinder) lots of nerve damage, tendons , thick internal scar tissue etc and my shoulder and shoulder blade are a constant problem ive been on opiates for 12 years and have tried everything else as so far as treatments and am running out of ideas, i own a farm so have to keep moving, any advice ?
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    Ultrasound (US) devices have been used by manual therapists for a long time with varying success depending on the specific condition to be treated. The current literature after several studies shows that US is mainly helpful in cases of calcification of tendons (calcific tendonitis) and in some studies has shown to help with healing fractures (though more research needs to be done here to determine the exact nature of the fractures it helps, as it may be disruptive to major trauma). There is not a lot of evidence supporting its use for other conditions up til now.

    If you are interested in the effects of US, a chiropractor or physiotherapist near your area may have a unit at their clinic, I would advise calling around until you find one, and attending their clinic for treatments to see how effective it is for you before spending the money on your own device. You may see benefit from seeing a musculoskeletal specialist such as a chiropractor, osteopath, physiotherapist or myotherapist to determine the exact sources of your pain, which movements are restricted, and how best to rectify these problems.

    I hope this sheds some light on your condition and wish you the best in your recovery.

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