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    Antenatal and Postnatal Depression - Just Speak Up!

    Did you know that up to ten percent of women in Australia experience depression  during pregnancy and then this increases to almost 16% in the first few months following the birth of a baby?  Furthermore, anxiety disorders are even more common.  Unfortunately, the stigma surrounding postnatal depression and anxiety is preventing women from speaking up, seeking support from others, or getting the help they need.  Help us break the silence surrounding depression and anxiety for new mothers.  Visit where you can see, read and hear of powerful stories of people who have been there, inlcuding Jessica Rowe who speaks openly of her experience with postnatal depression and anxiety.  Hear these voices, and add your own . By speaking up and sharing your story you can help others by breaking the silence and bring postnatal depression and anxiety out into the light.  Together we can reduce the stigma for women, their partners and their families.  
    • Narelle Smithers
    • Dr Melanie Strang
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  • Narelle Smithers

    HealthShare Member

    Great post! Sadly I think too many women are too proud to speak up and get help. As a mother myself i can identify with this stigma and you tend to be so involved with caring for your new child that you forget to focus on you and how you may be feeling. It's a huge life changing adjustment and it is great to know that there is support and others who have been there and got through it.

  • I think it is a good point that postnatal anxiety is even more common than postnatal depression…often in the media depression is given a lot of attention but anxiety can be really debilitating too and also requires proffesional help.


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