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    A Sufferer of "Restless Legs Syndrome".

    Hi everyone,  I have been a long-time sufferer of this syndrome and with the symptoms gradually worsening over time, I finally surrendered and seeked advice from my GP.   Thankfully, he was very understanding and smypathetic and did admit that he wasn't overly familiar with the syndrome but endeavoured to research this topic and was able to prescribe me ‘Sinemet’  which is medication for Parkinson's Disease.   I take one tablet just prior to going to bed and this small tablet has really worked wonders for me.   I can enjoy a complete night's sleep without the interruptions of my legs (sometimes even arms) wanting to keep moving at their own free will.   Fortunately, I am relieved of this burden during the day while up and about and only affected when laying down of a night.   Hope this info can help other sufferers.
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