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    Meningitis during pregnancy

    When I was 7 months pregnant with my middle son, i got a sore neck and a head ache. Now i am prone to a sore neck but dont often get headaches. So i went to the Dr. He told me to take Panadol and rest up. Which i did, but the Panadol didn't take the temperature away or the neck pain away. Pretty quickly the headache and neck got worse and soon after I  become photophobic (I couldn't bear the light). My husband (clever thing) called my Obstetrician who told him to take me straight to the emergency department at the hospital. My obstetrician who is a legend rang ahead to the hospital and told them I was coming in. Form then on much of it was a blur except I know they took me straight me in and told me that I may lose the baby but that hey just had to look after me. They gave me a lumbar puncture, put me on a drip and pumped me with antibiotics. I was put in the Intensive Care unit and to be honest don't remember the next two days. Finally the results came back to say it was viral meningitis which was atleast a bit of good news.

    Lucky for me my baby was born healthy but what an experience. Have yet to find anyone who has had a similar experience..
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