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HealthShare Testimonials

Here's what Australia's health care practitioners, HealthShare members and partners have to say about HealthShare.

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beyondblue is pleased to be a content partner in Healthshare's depression, anxiety and postnatal depression communities. We hope that by being part of this initiative, we will be able to get our messages out to thousands of people who get their information online... and subsequently, will get help if they are concerned about their own mental health or that of a family member or friend.

Susan Anderson, Deputy CEO


Healthshare will offer people with diabetes and their carers access to a community where they can gain credible information, interact, connect and share their experiences in a health centric environment.

Professor Greg Johnson, CEO

Diabetes Australia

Young people 18-25 are twice as likely to have difficulty talking about or seeking help for their mental health problems. However they are the largest users of social media. The mental health communities in Healthshare can be a gatekeeper, a carer, an avenue to help them to connect with others and gain the support they need in a much less confronting way.

Elizabeth Priestley, CEO

Mental Health Association of NSW

The bowel cancer community hosted on the Healthshare platform enables people to join a discussion about their personal experiences with bowel cancer. We feel it's important to do this so people can have a chat but also get factual, balanced information from a credible source.

Julien Wiggins, CEO

Bowel Cancer Australia

Healthshare has the potential to provide Australia's 2.6 million unpaid family carers with an online tool for connecting with each other. In addition they can collaborate on treatments and stay updated on events and research from Associations they follow.

Katrina Clark

Mother, Lawyer and Carers advocate · Daughter with Rett Syndrome

When I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer I was in shock. It was not what I expected to be dealing with at 36 years old. Finding others with my disease who were my age to talk to not only changed my life it gave it back to me. Having access to professional advice has made a real difference to my quality of life and that is why I am supporting Healthshare.

Lisa Newman

Active Health Consumer · Endometrial Cancer

Healthshare provides Australians with an easy and effective way to access support from organisations and people who understand what they are going through. There is evidence that getting more connected with others can increase a sense of belonging and protect against depression and anxiety.

Jo Lamble

Healthshare Contributor · Clinical Psychologist

Through Healthshare, I can help patients become empowered with education to make better choices about their care.

Dr Simon Benstock


The Healthshare website is an exciting and promising new way for health care practitioners to share trusted information to patients in a way that is user-friendly.

Dr Jason Kaplan


It is great that Australians now have an online resource to access credible health information. Answering questions is simple and I have enjoyed sharing my knowledge in my areas of interest.

Carolien Koreneff

Counsellor · Diabetes Educator · Life Coach · Meditation Facilitator · Psychotherapist · Registered Nurse

We are excited about sponsoring the IBS community with Iberogast - a natural medicine that has been proven in extensive clinical trials to be effective in treating the symptoms of IBS and functional dyspepsia. Flordis is committed to providing reliable information to help consumers to make the best choices with respect to natural medicines - and to involve healthcare professionals in the process. Healthshare helps us to achieve this.

Graham Birch

Vice President Sales and Marketing, SOHO Flordis International

Every 5-6 minutes, someone is admitted to an Australian hospital with an osteoporotic fracture. Healthshare offers these people and their carers a 24 hour support community where they can share their experiences, treatments and gain credible information in a safe, health centric environment.

Osteoporosis Australia

HealthShare Partner

Feeling supported, understood and informed takes away feelings of loneliness and fear when diagnosed with a chronic health condition and is paramount to the success of conquering an illness. Healthshare offers carers and people living with high cholesterol, hypertension, angina and other related cardiovascular diseases a fantastic opportunity to connect with others in a private and health centric space.

Angela Peris

Peris Cardiac Wellness Centre in Sydney

Healthshare is giving members the opportunity to connect with like-minded people interested in their wellbeing and this forms an important part of any fitness program.

Sports Medicine Australia

Sports Medicine Australia