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    I need surgery for my big toe.

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    What is involved in the surgical treatment for big toe arthritis?
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    • Mr Wei-Han Tay
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  • Mr Wei-Han Tay is an Australian-trained Orthopaedic Surgeon who specialises in the treatment of foot and ankle conditions, and trauma. Wei-Han obtained his undergraduate medical … View Profile

    Surgical treatment options for 1st MTP arthritis include a cheilectomy or arthrodesis (fusion) of the joint. A cheilectomy involves excising the overgrown bone or bone spurs (osteophytes) around the joint to help relieve any mechanical block or impingement. The purpose of this joint-preserving procedure is to try improve the range of motion of the joint and is usually reserved for early arthritic disease. The gold standard treatment for hallux rigidus remains a fusion of the 1st MTP joint. This is achieved by excising the arthritic joint then joining and fixing the metatarsus and proximal phalanx together, typically with compression screws and a plate. The objective of this operation is to convert a stiff, painful joint into a stiff pain-free joint. This permanent stiffness is generally well tolerated and not functionally noticeable, because your joint often already has limited movement from the osteophyte formation and capsular scarring due to the arthritis.

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