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    Retinitis pigmentosa

    I've had difficulty seeing since childhood, I was born with one eye green and the other brown.

    Reading has been a chore as the paper seems to be moving, blurring the words and everything around me is always in a constant haze like thick smoke in the air. As I have grown older it's become worse and my light sensitivity is causing migraines. I am almost completely blind at night especially when headlights, street lights shine bright. I am having depth perception problems that make me uncomfortable with walking around and peripheral vision is just a blur of shadows.

    I was told by a former eye doctor that I have retinitis pigmentosa but I really want to understand what I'm up against and what to expect since I'm on SSI and Medicaid neither pays for the extra tests and exams needed to confirm my diagnosis and make sure of my fate.

    I'm 38 years old female who knows nothing about family history, facing potential blindness and am afraid.
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