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    Low fat diet and Creon post chronic pancreatitis

    I was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis at 11 yrs. After several severe attacks, I was then dignosed with chronic pancreatitis 2 years later. I had extensive damage to the tail of the pancreas. At age 15 (after long term NJ feeds) I prescribed Creon and a very low-fat diet (<2g of fat per meal) and 20,000IU for a meal and 10,000IU for a snack.

    As years have gone on I have sustained these dietary restrictions and for the past 5 years, I've only had roughly 1 Tara k per year that required hospitalisation. I was seeing a gastro through the public system after an attack in Oct of last year. Generally, after an attack I will be put the list for gastro consults, I see the specialist and they say ok well there is not much else we can do for you, get your GP to send another referral if symptoms or pain increase.

    I'm really curious about my diet. The specialist says just keep doing what you're doing. I'm curious if I can increase my fat intake to allow a wider variety of foods? And if so how do I increase?
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