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    Peripheral neuropathy following lumbar disc herniation

    -22, male, history of back injury (3rd notable back injury), no neurological disorders, very active.
    -Herniated disc 7 weeks ago (squatting, likely due to posterior pelvic tilt under load)
    -Reaggravated 4 weeks ago w/ sciatica+peripheral neuropathy. Pain in right glute (sciatic pain is gone at the moment).
    -Rehab consists of daily walks (3x20min) and core stability training (doesn't worsen symptoms)

    I'm looking for a potential explanation for the peripheral neuropathy I'm experiencing, mostly in my hands/feet/back but occasionally (flare-ups) occurs in my legs/arms/scalp. Feels like tingling/little electric shocks, not painful but noticeable.
    The flare-ups seem to be correlated with under-activity (lying down/sitting/standing too long) or overactivity (excessive weight-bearing or strenuous activity).
    My GP has suggested its likely anxiety-induced, however, I disagree due to the above reason. I can't figure out how a lumbar herniation could cause this. What should I do?
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