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    Bursitis- MRI

    I have bursitis in the left shoulder and continue to have immense pain despite steroid treatment, diclofenac sodium medication and little physical activity. Would like to see a specialist, although which one should I see? MRI can help diagnosis, but a long wait to get MRI referral. Is it possible to have an MRI before seeing a specialist?
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    Tim Cottman - Fields

    Exercise Physiologist, Physiotherapist

    Tim is considered a movement specialist - using exercise, education and hands on therapy as his main treatments, helping everyone achieve optimal function. His interests … View Profile


    Bursitis is a very common shoulder condition that is usually treated quite successfully. I am assuming that this was diagnosed with an ultrasound and clinically as well?

    If there is inflammation present, then those interventions - corticosteroid injection/ anti-inflammatory medication should help. On the other hand, if there is a tendon pathology as well then it may not respond to these treatments and resting it wouldn’t do it any good. I would suggest seeing a Physiotherapist or similar first if you haven’t already. They should assess movement and see if there is functional impingement of the shoulder causing irritation of the bursa and tendon which can be helped with improving the shoulder mechanics through manual therapy and exercise. You may also need an appropriate load program for the tendons and muscles. Other treatments may include dry needling, shockwave but more importantly they should educate you on what’s going and why you are getting pain.

    As for a specialist referral, I would recommend seeing a Sports Physician with an interest in shoulders before an Orthopaedic Specialist. Yes, you definitely should get an MRI before seeing the specialist (if your treating Physiotherapist/ GP agree).

    All the best,

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    Angela Klemmer

    HealthShare Member

    Thank you for taking  the time to provide an sight into Bursitis.

    i ended up seeing an orthopaedic surgeon who looked at my. XRays and ultrasound

    and had me do certain movements....which I struggled to do he diagnosed a frozen shoulder.....all the symptoms and pain were exactly as I had,s a long road back to normality

    it just time and pain managent...I also commenced Bowen therapy and massages to help!

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