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    Pins and needles in my toes

    I have severe pins and needles on my toes constantly which affect my balance. I also have mild lower back pain. Which area of specialist should I seek for help? Currently, I attend a Chiropractor for spine adjustment & GP who specialised in acupuncture.
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    Sorry to hear about the feet sounds quite uncomfortable.

    Before we work out which health practitioner you should seek for treatment we need to identify the cause of your symptoms. There are a number which may be causing it or a combination including and not limited to your back, circulation to the legs, local nerve supply of the feet or a more systemic illness. As you can see a detailed medical history and clinical examination are vital in determining what the cause is which will dictate the the course of treatment. I would say either of the practitioners you are currently seeing should be able to ascertain where you're symptoms are coming from and treat you appropriately or refer elsewhere. If you aren't convinced request some imaging of the spine or blood tests for more information.

    Hope this helps!

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    Dr Nicole Leeks

    Orthopaedic Surgeon

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    There are some localised nerve conditions in the foot that can cause pins and needles, most commonly a Mortons Neuroms. This can be readily diagnosed by an Ultrasound.If this is the diagnosis, your condition may be reduced by a steroid injection but ultimately most patients end up having the nerve surgically excised.

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    Scott McCarthy

    Healthshare Member

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