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    Am I on the right track to lose 1kg per week?

    Just wanting some information so I can set some realistic weight loss goals (a bit pedantic about exact figures). Currently, my details are: 90.60 kilos, 1.65 metres tall, 28 years old, Female I want to lose minimum 30 kilos in 8 months, which I think is perfectly doable if I aim to lose 1kg per week. Below is my current plan: Workout: 30 minutes x 5 times per week (15 mins brisk walk on Treadmill, 10 mins Rowing and 50 reps of Crunches) Drinking: only Water, Tea and Coffee Sugar: only 2 x brown/natural sugar in my tea/coffee Carbs: only 4-6 times a week Meals: Proslim Shake for Breakfast (on the way to the gym) Coffee and fruit (morning snack) 1st Small lunch around midday (usually salad and a form of protein) 2nd Small lunch around 2 pm (similar to 1st) and another coffee Small Dinner (usually rice and vegetables) and eaten before 7 pm Late-night: Usually just have a piece of fruit or a cup of tea if I’m feeling peckish What are your thoughts? Am I on the right track?
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