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    Mental health disorders

    I have really bad depression, anxiety and paranoia. My problems are getting worse even though I am seeing someone. I can't seem to stop crying I constantly feel like I am being watched everywhere I go, even in my own home. My anxiety levels are so high at the moment I can't seem to sit still and if I do I start to feel my whole life has fallen apart. Can anyone out there help me? I have also had a back fusion but informed it didn't work and need to have it done again.
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    You don't specify what kind of professional you are seeing. You may need to speak to this person about your experiences and concerns, so they can assist either by discussing more strategies, or referring you for further treatment. If you are not currently working with a psychiatrist, you may benefit from a referral for further assessment and/or review of treatment which takes into account your physical issues as well as your mental health. You will need a referral from your GP to do this. 

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    Dr Pek Ang


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    Great advice from Vivienne.  

    Chronic Back Pain and Depression is a tricky combination which a Psychiatrist can help with.  The medications for Pain, Depression, Anxiety and Paranoia are very complex and interact with each other often.  So having an expert in this area can help you with the right combination.

    That's not including the Psychological, social, occupational, financial and relationship struggles that often accompany this situation.

    Please speak with your GP and Health professional for how to access a good Psychiatrist with these skills in your area.

    All the best.

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    Unfortunately, this can often be the case with back fusion and I am hearing you’re anxious in relation to having the surgery again. I feel that is completely understandable and can empathise with your situation. Chronic pain and depression often go together as living with pain on a day-to-day basis can make it difficult to keep a positive outlook. It seems that depression and anxiety are getting the better of you and in turn making you feel paranoid. Both depression and anxiety are non-discriminative and like to attack us when we are at our lowest. Your feelings of paranoia appear to be contributing to the fear response in you, and you are feeling this way even in your own home. These things would be a heavy and fearful load for you to carry. The above answers are fantastic in offering advice about whom you might see and the medications that help or hinder these conditions. I am wondering if you have ‘clicked’ with the person that you are currently seeing and gained trust within the therapeutic relationship? The relationship that we have with our therapist is of upmost importance for us to feel comfortable enough to express our deepest feelings. I feel that your symptoms have gotten to the point where you need specialist help and I wish I were qualified to help. I am happy to listen to your concerns, I just cannot offer the specialised help in which I feel that you are seeking. If, however, you would like to talk to someone else in relation to what is going on for you, I am more than happy to listen. Please feel free to contact me anytime you need. I feel that a holistic approach would be of benefit to you, an approach that covers the physiological and psychological factors of the emotions you are experiencing, along with exploring all the other factors that may have contributed to you living with these conditions. I truly wish I could offer you more and hope that this helped you at least a little. May I commend you on seeking additional help in this way, this is not always easy to do – well done! Please take care, and the offer remains open if you would like an additional listening ear.

    Lee : )

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