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    Who is at risk for schizophrenia?

    My mother was diagnosed with schizophrenia at age 30 and is currently being treated with antipsychotics and therapy. Am I at risk?
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  • Dr Belinda Barnes

    Clinical Psychologist, Psychologist

    My approach to therapy is warm and down-to-earth. I have clinical expertise in treating trauma, PTSD and complex trauma in adults and adolescents, as well … View Profile

    The research to date shows that there is some heightened risk, but it also shows that there is an interactive effect of the environment, your early attachment system, and genetics.  If you are really curious, do a google search on ‘epigenetics’.  There is some exciting new research that shows that we can have a genetic profile that may indicate a risk for developing certain disorders, however particular events have to happen in your life to “turn on” these genomes.  So in short, if you make sure you are healthy, dont take drugs, are in supportive relationships, and havent suffered severe trauma in your life you are significantly less likely to develop schizophenia, as it seems to need those conditions as a precursor to the illness.

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