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    Is there a medical name for a getting seizures from moving your body?

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    There are 4 known causes of these ‘seizures’. 1) The most common cause is when her muscles meet an unexpected resistance e.g turning on a tap which was on too tight or unscrewing a tight lid or moving over rough bed sheets and then she encounters resistance of the cloth to her body. 2) coordinating the fine motor movement of her hands to accomplish a task e.g. moving a computer mouse to do a certain task on a computer screen or having to coordinate the movement of her hand to reach for a bottle of blended food that I am handing to her. This hand “dance” can bring on a seizure. 3) Using “too much energy". In other words she “over does it” e.g. in the process of stretching to reach something in bed she uses too much energy and this triggers a "seizure". Walking too far around the house when she is feeling strong. Gross motor movements are less likely to cause a problem. 4) Switching suddenly from inactive or very relaxed state.
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