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    Watery eyes are ruining my life

    I'm 53 and several years ago my right eye started producing tears. After surgery to "unplug a tear duct" which wasn't blocked, my eyes have gotten worse. Later it developed in my left eye. I was referred to an ENT doctor and my dermatologist where I had antibiotics for a few months with no relief but an acute bout of oral thrush. After many drops and $$$ to a visiting ophthalmologist, I was given the diagnosis of Blepharitis and nothing else could be done besides taking some fish oil and cysteine drops. It's making my life a misery - I can hardly see to drive, always have tissues wiping the tears away, tears are ruining my skin as its always wet. I do all the eye hygiene but to no avail. I work as a nurse and it's hard to do my job when I can't see properly or my watery eyes prevent me from dressings etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    This is a difficult question to address without seeing you. However, I will make 3 comments.

    1) Don't be scared to get a second opinion. Consult your local optometrist, ask their opinion and, if required, ask for a referral to another ophthalmologist, maybe one who specialises in oculoplastic surgery.

    2) If you have an anterior blepharitis, the most useful treatment I have found for my patients has been Sterilid. I would suggest that you confirm with your optometrist that you do indeed have anterior blepharitis before starting the Sterilid 

    3) Dry eyes can cause irritation to the surface of the eye, and thus sometimes cause watery eyes as a result. Ask your optometrist to rule out dry eye as a possible contributor to your watery eyes.

    Hope this helps in some way.

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