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    Will my teeth be damaged by wearing retainers years later?

    I had my braces removed 6 years ago (at the age of 18). I am still needing to wear my retainers 1-2 times a week, as after a few days my teeth become more crooked again. Will my teeth become damaged by the constant movement and pressure of retainers on and off long-term, and by wearing retainers that were fitted 6 years ago? (Retainers have been kept clean)
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  • Dr Manfred Lagemann

    Dentist, Oral Surgeon

    Special Interest in Dental Implants and Wisdom Tooth Removal. Qualified with a Masters in Clinical Dentistry in Dental Implants and Bachelor of Dental Science with … View Profile

    The short answer is no. Your teeth are always trying to get into a neutral position in terms of the forces exerted by your musculature etc. They will most likely go crooked if you stop wearing your retainer. The retainer, if kept clean, will never damage the teeth in anyway.

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