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    Is Lite'n'Easy good for weight loss?

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    I have joined Lite and easy and the meals are great. However, I am concerned that I'm eating too much carbs at night and that it will hinder my weight loss. For example I eat spaghetti Marinara = 348 calories. Is this ok? Or should I eat less?
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    Shirley is an Accredited Practising Dietitian with 16 years clinical experience in large public hospital and in private practice. She has extensive specialised experience in … View Profile

    Lite and Easy or any energy controlled meal plans are able to assist you in weight management. It is important to remember though weight loss can only be achieved when your energy expenditure  is higher than your energy needs. So food is only one side of the equation. Adequate level of exercise is also recommended for weight loss, but of course start slowly and gradually work towards your goal.

    Kcal is a measurement of total energy and it encompasses energy from carb, protein and fat. It is impossible to ascertain the amount of carb from the figure provided. I would suggest adding additional non starch vegetables to your evening meals as 348 kcal isn't a lot of food. You need fibre from vegetables  to bulk up your meal to feel fuller. 

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    Elizabeth Newsham-West is committed to optimising the health and well-being of people across all ages within the Mount Tamborine community.  She works as a domicillary … View Profile

    The meals that you get from "Lite n easy" will be fine. I would not worry about the amount of carbohydrate in your evening meal as this will not prevent you losing weight. How much energy you eat in a day is related to your weight loss. As Shirley said they are designed to meet your nutritional needs, with the right amount of macronutrients and energy for you to lose weight. And if you are losing weight they are working. I also suggest to add non- starchy vegetables to these meals.

    However I recommend my clients use these meals as a teaching tool to show you, correct portioning and how meals need to be made up. I suggest you then one at a time take responsibility for a meal, starting with breakfast,  make these up yourself using the same guidelines that "Lite n Easy" are providing for you.

    If you want further guidance a Dietitian will help you.

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    Elisha Danine


    I am a Clinical Nutritionist, and I hold a Bachelors Degree in Complementary Medicine. I specialise in Women's and Children's Health. My areas of expertise … View Profile

    Pre packaged meals can be a great way to kick start the weightloss. Eating less carbs at night will make you wake up feeling less flatter in the stomach, but usully its the overall calorie count of the day that is most important. I would suggest stickng with Lite n easy for no longer than 2 months - then try to start to cook you own high protein meals with lots of good fats. Carbohydrates ultimately convert to glucose if not used they will be stored in the body, so also ensure you are getting plenty of daily exercise. Roughly 30 mintues per day.

    I specialised in weight loss and have over 9 years experience helping people lose weight.

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    Kirsty Woods

    Exercise Physiologist

    Hi I’m Kirsty Woods,I would like to use my experience, expertise and passion to help you reach your weight, energy and health goalsI have been … View Profile

    Great topic,

    For those in whom weight issues stem from a a simple calorie imbalance lite and easy can be a good way to control portion size and is also convenient.  However for many  there is an underlying metabolic and hormonal issue which requires attention to carbohydrate load, activity, and other lifestyle factors such as sleep as they can impact your bodies ability to access and utilise fat.

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