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    Is Breast Surgery painful?

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    Dr Michael Yunaev

    Breast Surgeon, General Surgeon

    Perhaps a little surprisingly most patient find that breast surgery is not very painful and is very well managed with post-operative analgesia.

    There are commonly two aspects to Breast Cancer surgery. The breast surgery itself as well as the additional axillary (armpit) surgery that is necessary for some patients. This may be limited to Sentinel Node Biopsy (which samples lymph nodes from the armpit) or may involve a full Axillary Dissection (where all of the relevant lymph nodes removed from the armpit).

    Usually armpit surgery is a little more sensitive post-operatively and can also cause a range of potential complications such as cording (scarring) in the armpit, frozen shoulder (stiff shoulder) and lymphoedema (swelling of the arm), as well sensory changes.

    However, overall breast and axillary surgery are very well tolerated and most patients do not require heavy-duty opioid (morphine based) analgesia, apart perhaps from an occasional short interval in the initial period post surgery.

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