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    Droopy eyelids. What can I do?

    Condition is effecting clear vision as I feel my eyes are heavy. What can I do to help?
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    Droopy eyelids can sometimes be improved for a few hours with special eyedrops. Also special "ptosis crutch" spectacles are available to prop up the eyelids. 

    Apart from "ptosis crutch" spectacles, if the condition is caused by fat in the eyelid, or is associated with say myotonic dystrophy, or is otherwise not relieved by the eyedrops, surgery will be required.  

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    Droopy eyelids can but need not be a clinical sign of an auto-immune disease called myasthenia gravis.

    I suggest that you talk with your GP about this. Your GP will be able to refer you to a specialist clinical immunologist who will be able to check out that possibility.

    All the best.

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