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    My 9yr old daughter is angry, mood swings, defiant, irritable and anxious?

    What is the process for diagnosis of mental health?
    I am at the end of my tether. The meltdowns have become regular and she is always complaining of a physical symptoms. I have seeked GP consults for all these. Nothing has been of concern. I have not discuss these issues. I Have used conventional methods and strategies to help my child with behavioural issues with no breakthrough. She was about 3 when I seperated from her father. She idols her dad yet he is not very emotionally responsive. She is very clingy and controlling of me. Jealous of her 16yr half brother, his father dissappear when he was a baby. I have been single for 6yrs and my world has been consumed with alot of stress and havoc around supporting her needs. So relationships are strained. My Son needs me also.
    She struggles with relationships at school, being around a lot of people can trigger moods, feeling pressure makes her snap, can't concentrate, sensitive to noises easily distracted, learning difficulties.
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  • Daniel Wendt


    Mr Daniel Wendt is the Principal Clinical Psychologist and Director of Oracle Psychology. Daniel is a Child and Adolescent Psychologist registered with the Psychology Board … View Profile

    I would recommend seeking support from an experienced Child Psychologist. You mentioned a range of symptoms including learning delays and mood difficulites. It may be helpful for the Psychologist to conduct a comprehensive diagnostic and learning assessment initially in order to identify if there are any underlying difficulites. A comprehensive assessment also allows the Psychologist to identify your child's needs and how best to help your family. 

    Identifying and treating mental health difficulties early is essential and generally promotes better outcomes later in life. Talk with your GP about a Psychologist referral and seek a Mental Health Care Plan to access a rebate under Medicare for treatment. I hope this helps you and your family by providing some initial guidance.

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