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    What can happen if sleep apnoea not diagnosed?

    If sleep apnoea not diagnosed what can happen years into the future
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    If sleep apnoea is undiagnosed, it will usually become worse over the years. This will have a major impact on health and well-being. Patients will become increasingly tired and unable to enjoy a normal life. They will have difficulties with remembering things, coping at work and concentrating on driving and using other machinery. Patients with sleep apnoea often snore and this will continue to be an irritant and annoying to bed partners and others trying to sleep nearby.
    As sleep apnoea becomes more severe with time, it will start to have an impact in other areas of health. This will include the development of high blood pressure, which may lead to heart problems, stroke and difficult to control diabetes.In pregnancy, having sleep apnoea may affect the normal growth of the unborn baby. More information

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