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    Is there any treatment to stop the itch from Grovers Disease?

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    Treatment of Grover disease

    There is no curative treatment for Grover disease, but the following suggestions may be helpful.

    • Remain cool, as sweating may induce more itchy spots. Apply diphemanil methylsulfate powder (Prantal™)
    • Apply a mild topical steroid such as hydrocortisone in a cool lotion. It can be applied frequently to the affected areas to relieve itching.
    • Moisturising creams or antipruritic lotions containing menthol and camphor may also help.
    • Calcipotriol cream has been reported to be of benefit.
    • A course of tetracycline or an oral antifungal medication such as itraconazole helps some patients.
    • Phototherapy can be helpful, but may also provoke the disease.
    • Experimentally, oral retinoids such as acitretin or isotretinoin have been reported to be helpful. However, they have important side effects and are not necessary for mild cases.

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