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    Are my adenoids causing my sinus problems?

    I have had a sinus problem for nearly 6 months now where my nose is constantly blocked and runny.

    It causes really bad headaches above my eyes as well as pain underneath my eyes.

    I have been on 2 courses of antibiotics, have been using over the counter nasal sprays (not frequently) as well as a prescription nasal spray .

    I have also had packs of anti-histamines and inhale the steam of vicks in hot water and nothing is helping at all. I have so much trouble breathing through my nose especially at night time.

    I have seen two doctors and both tell me the same thing and that is take antibiotics, anti-histamines and the prescription nasal spray.

    Is it likely that it is my adenoids causing this problem?
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    Dr Sim Choroomi

    Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Surgeon

    Your symptoms are possible from large adenoids, but could also be from chronic sinusitis with polyps. Large adenoids are uncommon in adults. They can cause a blocked nose, nasal congestion and discharge - but do not cause pain.

    Since you have not improved, you need to be referred to an ENT specialist who will look inside your nose with a small telescope (after using some local anesthetic spray). You may also need a CT scan of your sinuses to also further investigate the facial pain you are experiencing. 

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