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    What level of oxygen do I need for sleeping?

    I've just had a sleep study that showed no apnea but an oxygen level of 86%.

    I'm about to go on holiday and would like to get an oxygen concentrator to use while sleeping but I don't know what amount of oxygen I need or how long to use it for.

    I don't think I'll have time to visit my doctor before I go so hoping for some general advise on how to use concentrators.
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    During sleep, the oxygen level is lower than during the day. However it should be above 94% for most of the night. A level of 86% suggests either sleep apnoea or underlying lung disease may be present. If this is the case, then it should be checked by a respiratory physician before you travel. An oxygen concentrator is not something that you should be purchasing and using without the supervision of a doctor, as it may be very dangerous to your health if used at incorrect settings. Only your own doctor who knows all of your medical conditions can provide advice as to whether an oxygen concentrator will be of benefit to you or whether there are other treatments that would be better.

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