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    Why do I have an itchy urethra?

    For several years I have been itchy around the area where urine comes out. I have had a few swabs and they have always come back clear.

    Is there any other possible reason why I'm so extremely itchy in that area?

    I only use water to wash the area and use sensitive non fragranced washing powders.

    Sometimes it's so bad that I scratch until I bleed.

    I'm not sexually active and never have been so I know for sure that it's not an sti.
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    Hi there, 

    What an uncomfortable thing to experience, especially if the swabs come back clean.  You are doing the right things about being careful with how you clean the area and what you put on it - cotton undies, and how you wash these. 

    How strong is your urine - if it a darker color than straw to clear you might be dehydrated, and the various parts of the urine might be irritating to the skin.  Another possible aspect to consider is looking at is chemcial sensitivities to some food chemicals.  Contact an experienced nutritionist and ask for advice relating to food chemicals.  If they are resistant, then ask again.  Some times the unexplained are in the simple things, and we can focus too much on the complicated. 

    Do you take a multi vitamin? Probiotics?  Sport? Perspiration levels? These are a few other ideas.  If you would like to have a chat about these, give me a buzz and we can sit and have a look together.

    Hope this helps. 

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