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    How can I relieve pain associated with knee osteoarthritis ?

    I am currently waiting on a knee replacement, but still have about 9 months to wait, I had 2 miniscus tears in my left knee, and they did a repair, however my knee has been worse since doing this and now my other knee which was fine is just as bad.

    The pain in bed of a night is awful, as I don't know where to put my legs and end up taking pain killers just to get some sleep. I have tried all the rubs, and take Krill oil and glucosamine and prescription Voltaren and also am on 100 mg Tramadol that I take for my back. I was doing Phisio 2 days a week ( Bike and rowing machine and leg exercises) but it was taking a couple of days to get over it and so stiffer and sorer than ever. I get burning pain and some swelling and stiffness. Will a cortisone injection help?
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    I often find that post operative knee pain is due to myofascial restrictions particularly in the iliotibial band and popliteus muscle. Relief is often gained by releasing tension in these tissues and gentle mobilisation,manipulation of the knee, hip and low back joints (which are often also affected by altered gait patterns due to the knee pain).

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    Fellow sufferer also knee + hip replacment and waiting Knee itself painful at night in bed. I find pillow lifting it helps along with topical creams. Not after a shower, Mentholatum Deep Heat arthritis cream works, so does to some extent Pain Away which can be used after a shower as wont burn.

    For the knee itweelf mine was injured in 1970's and have taken Sea Tone (green lipped mussel extract) since 1983 which I am confident kept it walking as a real estate agents until last 6 months now 78 and its needing work.  Tried all the new arthritis things but found topical creams that have the same as supplements to 'replace' cartalidge with cows etc simply dont do much at all. Goanna make 2 that help arthritis cream which can be put even in groin after shower no burning as well as Heat which cant. But is good for skin as a by product.

    Burning in the night i suffer from in heel of same leg as knee and hip put it down to nerve pain GP's never answer why. I found B12 helps off of the internet as well as eating daily black berries like blueberries and blackberries without sugar if can and for sweetness add strawberries, can get these frozen ready to go from Coles grown in Chile. Helps too as since trying both pain comes a lot later around 4.30-5.30am without early as 12.15am and only walking stops it so ended up sleeping in a chair all night.

    Not sure if I can respond as a patient but these tips came to me from fellow sufferers. And that night pain has to be experienced to know how bad it can be. Good luck hope it helps you a bit. I alos tried Tramadol. Didnt like side effects. Now take plain 30mg of Codeine in the night. Have to get a private script of 100 class 8 drug. Can only get 20 on PBS. Private cost is $54.95 for 100 so actually good. No side effects - no paraceuitamol either which damages the liver and now British Lancet says only good for headaces anyway.

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