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    I have a thicken of the palm on my right hand. Why is this happening?

    Its been there for months. What can I do to fix it? Will it get worse? What caused it?
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    Mr Stephen Salerno

    Plastic Surgeon (Reconstructive & Cosmetic)

    Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery Hand Surgery Skin cancer and melanoma surgery Breast Surgery View Profile


    It is difficult to comment on exactly it is without seeing a photograph.  It is most likely Dupuytrens disease which is a thickeneing of the deeper layer of thehand.  It initially forms a cord like structure in thepalm which then thickens and starts to contract the finger that it lies adjacent to.  It can also travel into the finger and commence bending the fingers.  It is a disease that has no real known cause and usually occurs in other members of the same family.  It is a little unpredictable in terms of if it will get worse or just remain the same.

    I would think that you should show your general practitioner and if it is Dupuytrens disease it may be worthwhile seeing a plastic surgeon or a Hand Surgeon and getting a specilist opinion as to requiring surgery.  Not all Dupyutrens disease is operateed on immediately.

    All the Best
    Stephen Salerno

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    Dr Jillian Tomlinson

    Hand Surgeon, Plastic Surgeon (Reconstructive & Cosmetic)

    Dr Jill Tomlinson is a fully qualified plastic, reconstructive and hand surgeon. After graduating dux in her year at University High School, Jill completed medical … View Profile

    Great question, thank you! There are a couple of conditions that could be causing this, so getting the right diagnosis is important and I do recommend that you see your GP. It well may be that you have Dupuytren's disease, which is a relatively common hand condition that often begins with nodules or thickened skin in the palm. This condition can progress to affect the movement of the fingers. Whether it progresses fast, slowly or not at all depends on a variety of factors, including luck. 

    For detailed information about Dupuytren's, including videos and information about treatment options, please visit this page on Dupuytren's at my Melbourne Hand Surgery website

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