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    How much should I have to pay for a specially made mouthguard?

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    I clench my teeth and this has been suggested as an option but I have been quoted 600 dollars which seems rather a lot as in the UK it would be £100. Am I being ripped off?
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    Custom mouthguards come in a variety of versions depending upon the amount of stress that they must resist to protect your teeth and jaw bone. Accordingly the cost rises with the level of impact and the degree of seriousness of the game Usually professional football players and boxers need the most protection and therefore they are the most expensive mouthguards.

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    Between $150- $250 depending on the design.

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    As others have mentioned a custom mouthguard is usually $150 to $250. However, what you are describing is more likely a a custom occlusal splint. This is different to a sports mouthguard andis more complex. It often does cost about $600. At our practice, they cost $500, but often a jaw x-ray will be taken too and an assessment of the muscles and joint.

    There is more information about occlusal splints on our website.

    Sometimes a sports mouthguard can be used as a temporary measure, as it will protect the teeth from bruxism (clenching and grinding), but it will not protect the muscles and joint properly.

    I hope this helps. In summary: $600 is too expensive for a mouthguard, but is about right for a splint.


    Dr Frank Farrelly

    Darlinghurst Dental

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