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    Widening gap in front teeth - can it be closed?

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    I have a gap developing in the upper right side of my teeth between the two incisor teeth. My dentist suggested this is due to periodontal disease. I had thought that the upper right side teeth were moving to fill in an empty spot in the upper left side where a tooth was pulled out. I should say that I have had periodontal gum surgery about 20 years ago and am scared to imagine I may need to go down that path again. Is there a way I can control the widening of this gap and even have it closed/reduced?
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    This is probably caused by posterior bite collapse, a funny term when the cause is often the loss of back teeth which puts more load on the front teeth which splay outward resulting in the opening of spaces between the teeth. First I would get your gum disease under control with fanatical cleaning. Your dentist or a dental hygienist is best to show you  how to do this. Then to close the space you will need orthodontic treatment or crowns or veneers AND a bite splint to stabilise the position of the teeth so they don't continue to drift due to your bite collapse.

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    Often very easily done in 1-2 visits with minimal drilling involved.

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    Phoebe Marqueza

    HealthShare Member

    I had a wide gap in my front teth but because of Orthofill Bands, the gap is fixed

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