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    In love with my ex, possibly pregnant with the next, what to do?

    I am in denial about the due dates my doctor has given me through ultra sounds! I changed states and had a fling but contraception failed with him and morning after pill also failed. I got a shorter lightish period in January and have a feeling I was already pregnant. But the dates the doctor gave me don't match up and are 2-3 weeks off if the baby was my exs. Im going through intense heart ache and I know it's causing the baby stress too. I feel like I cannot stress and wait for the baby to be born to find out who the father is because I know the pain confusion and stress won't subside! I don't have many options and every day is getting harder and harder. And I'm making myself sick trying to figure things out. Where I live aka set up my house (two different states) depends on who the father is so financially I'm in a pickle with that too so that's even more stress!! Someone please say anything to just ease my mi
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    Lucinda Curran


    Lucinda Curran of Eco Health Solutions offers a truly holistic approach to health by combining Building Biology and Chinese Medicine. Her work is solutions-focussed and … View Profile


    I would strongly recommend that you seek help from a psycholigist who can help you work through the many layers you have mentioned.

    One thing you are already aware of is that the stress is not good for bubs - or you. 

    Focussing on the positives is going to be important in shifting your thinking - and spending time every day thinking of the good things will help.

    For example, you are blessed with a baby - regardless of who the father is, YOU are the mother - and this is a huge honour. Start thinking of the little one and your relationship with her/him… I believe this relationship starts in utero. 

    All the best!


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