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    What type of tooth paste is good for sensitive gums but still gives you fresh breathe?

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    Qualification : BDSc, Bachelor of Dental Science, University of Western Australia 1994 View Profile

    Often Brushing teeth and gums regularly with a soft toothbrush using any brand of toothpaste will improve gum health. Flossing between teeth daily is also encouraged.
    When plaque and calculus is effectively removed from the tooth and gum area, it will reduce sensitivity/tenderness, reduce gum bleeding, thus minimizing gingivitis or periodontitis.

  • Principal dentist of Newington Dental Care. Previous teaching staff for the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Sydney. Special interest in dental anxiety management and orthodontics. … View Profile

    If I take sensitive gums to mean the gums get irritated by brushing, then using a soft bristled tooth brush (I have seen some brands market a “sensitive” bristled brush, these are probably the softest you can buy or even childen's tooth brushes) in combination with any tooth paste with fluoride should help maintain healthy teeth and gums. Although I would get regular visits with your dentist to check why your gums are sensitive as there may be many other causes.

    Many tooth pastes can give you that “fresh breath” feeling, its all down to personal preference as to which brand works better. But if you are after the fresh breath feeling because there may be some underlying bad breath problems, there may be other causes worth talking to your dentist about for example gum disease, dental abscesses, post-nasal drips, or plaque bacteria on your tongue. 

  • Jaffar Dental - Trusted and Established since 1997. We are a family owned General Dental Practice offering a friendly and caring environment in Waterford QLD. … View Profile

    Most modern toothpaste by reputable manufacturers such as Oral B or Colgate should be affective. Sensodyne brand is specifically designed for snsitivity and comes in many flavours.

  • There are no specific toothpaste for ‘sensitive gums’. The toothpaste companies market various products for sensitive teeth. Sensitive teeth are often associated with discomfort when having hot or cold drinks or food like ice cream. At times brushing around the gumline can also lead to the discomfort from these sensitive teeth. This discomfort comes from the root surfaces of the teeth becoming exposed as the gums recede.

    The use of sensodyne toothpaste or colgate prorelief will alleviate most sensitive teeth symptoms. However if these symptoms persist and become worse overtime you should consult your dentist to rule out dental decay in the teeth in question.

    Most of these toothpaste for sensitive teeth tend to also have the same ingredients for a fresh breath. But as already pointed out by my colleagues in earlier responses, bad breath needs to be investigted for its' cause. See your dentist for the appropriate remedy.

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