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    How do I overcome my eating disorder?

    I take laxatives everyday dieretics everyday. I feel like a big fat person and I am only size n6 to 8. I count the calories and check labels before purchasing. I can starve and purge after a plum only. I cant stand it and dont know what has triggered it again. I had an eating disorder so the psychologist said when I was 14. I learnt more and then didnt worry about my weight but continued to take laxatives since then as I could not do without. Now I am 40 I have lost 8 kilos in a month and can purge 5 times a day. I ate properly for the first time in a while over the weekend months and now I eat and I feel like I have put on all because I ate a proper meal and can see it as well in the mirror. I d0 not binge. I hardly eat and when I do I spit alot of it out after chewing it.
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  • EatfeD (Education and Therapy for Eating Disorders). Eating Disorder Treatment Centre based on the work of Dr Anita Johnston's book “Eating in the Light of … View Profile

    First of all you cannot overcome an eating disorder by yourself. This is part of the disorder as you restrict yourself with food, you also restrict yourself with help. It is a serious psychological disorder which requires specialised treatment. You are very typical of the patients we see in our clinic as you have suffered with this disorder for many years and so far have not found the right treatment for you. When you say “I learnt more and then didn't worry about my weight but continued to take laxatives since then as I could not do without”, you may not have consciously been thinking about your weight but laxative abuse is a symptom of an eating disorder. I suggest you see an eating disorder expert as soon as possible, that is someone who has specific training in eating disorders. 
    Sue Paton
    Clinical Director EATFED, Sydney.

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