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    Can taking vitamin d supplements cause vaginal thrush and uti's?

    I have been taking regular vitamin d supplements and have developed vaginal thrush and uti's, this is the only thing I am doing differently. I have now had two in three weeks and on second course of treatment.
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    From the research there is no evidence that Vit. D supplements can cause either thrush of urinary tract infections
    Around one in two women and one in 20 men will get a UTI in their lifetime
    Urine is normally sterile, which means it doesn’t contain any bacteria, fungus or viruses. To infect the urinary system, a micro-organism usually has to enter through the urethra. The most common bacterium Escherichia coli (E. coli). It is usually spread to the urethra from the anus (opening in the back passage).
    Chlamydia can cause urethritis in both men and women. and is sexually transmitted. Sexually active women are vulnerable to UTIs because the urethra is only 4 cm long and bacteria have only this short distance to travel from the outside to the inside of the bladder.
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