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  • Q&A with Australian Health Practitioners

    How do you want to keep going when everything seems so hopeless?

    You keep getting knocks and everytime you just want to take something to stop the thoughts and pain and make it all go away
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    With a passion to see people move forward and break free from the barriers holding them back, Grant is a highly experienced counsellor with over … View Profile

    Hi, it sounds like you are really struggling, you are not alone. Sometimes it seems life keeps throwing things at people and they have difficulty getting a break.The big thing for you is to get help now, there is no shame in asking for help, everyone needs help from time to time so seek out some assistance. A good place to start is

    LifeLine Ph 13 11 14 
    The Salvos  1300 659 467

    Give them a call and have a chat to them. They can point you the right direction.

    Or make an appoointment with your GP and let her/him know what is going on for you - be honest.

    Another suggestion I'll make is around community. I find that often when people feel alone their problems are magnified and seem as though they'll never get them sorted. If you do feel alone and disconnected, if you don't have friends or family you can talk to and get some support from then consider giving your local minister a call. They are usually a good point of contact in your local community and can probably
    get you connected. There is also your local communtiy and mental health services (just Google) so there are plenty of options. 

    When you have lost hope you need to surround yourself with people who care for you and who will support you, all you need to do is reach out.

    Don't give in, keep pushing on, get some help. I wish you all the best. 

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    Rhonda Gibson Long


    I work with clients who have depression and anxiety but also I work with relationship issues, stress, addictions, grief, trauma, low self esteem and sexuality … View Profile

    What I imagine here is that you feel incredibly overwhelmed by the events in life and the situation you are currently in. You may feel that you have very few inner resources to cope with what is happening. You are reaching out to someone for support and help so that they can make sense of what is going on around you.
    I am a shock therapist. We deal with what is happening with the here and now. Focusing on the moment can alleviate some of the stress and reaching out to try and make sense of the situation is a really good thing. Part of you has hope because of the very fact they are in the therapy room or reaching out for advice and you must be aware that things could be better.
    So working with the part that feels strong enough to come and ask and receive support is a start. Focusing on what is happening in the moment and what is happening in the here and now is also important.
    Also think about what is the most immediate concern for you at this moment. Talking about that and getting some clarity around it will help you focus. People often get overwhelmed by thinking they have to do more than they actually need to. Nobody could manage all of those tasks that pile up on themselves.
    What I do is I work with questions and different mediums such as drawing or sand play. We represent different aspects of people’s life by different questions or mediums.
    Separating them and enabling us to focus on just one aspect and really highlight it allows us to get some results and clarity around it. We also work just at the clients growing edge and we do not expect them to do too much or over extend themselves.
    It is a process to enable you to come back and find inner strength and do this just a little bit at a time. Life is not easy. There are a lot of stresses and strains and it is more to do with how we manage them.

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