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    Could an enlarged prostate and sleep apnea be causing me to wake 5 times at night?

    My experienced urologist has diagnosed sleep apnea + enlarged prostate as the reasons I get up 5 times a night and has put me on Deodart.

    What else can you possibly recommend at age 73? What are the symptoms of an enlarged prostate and sleep apnea?
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    Dr Maree Barnes

    Respiratory & Sleep Medicine Physician

    Dr Barnes has competed specialty training in sleep medicine and is currently working at the Austin Hospital in Melbourne. Dr Barnes’ current research focuses are: … View Profile

    Sleep apnoea can certainly cause you to be waking up during the night. It can also cause you to need to go to the toilet at night. The symptoms of sleep apnoea are usually snoring, sleepiness during the day and restless sleep at night. This may include tossing and turning, frequent waking and waking in the morning feeling unrefreshed from the night's sleep.
    If you are concerned, you should ask your GP to refer you to a sleep physician who will take a complete history and decide whether you need an overnight sleep study and/or treatment.

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