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    Tens machine helped my complex regional pain syndrome

    I have suffered CRPS for over 15 years following a knee operation in my 40s. My knee, while apparently healed, swelled, changed colour, sweated and became so sensitive I had to sleep with the leg out from the bedclothes. It caused deep depression and helplessness, doctors said “get on with it ”, remain positive and keep moving. Impossible! Pills not the way to go either. I became a zombie in wheelchair.

    I now manage it, am pain free most days and have no swelling and fit as!

    Get a tens machine which attaches to area and sends pulses that gradually desensitise but start very gradually and build up over months. I can now use it all day if it flares up and it is gone the next day.

    Read “Manage your Pain” get a referral to North Shore Hospital Pain clinic THE BEST

    Walk or exercise BUT very minimal to start and best ON UNEVEN GROUND OR different surfaces to surprise brain and distract you from predicting pain. Use distraction - conversation, laughter. avoid humidity.

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