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    Tips for minimising neck pain for office workers

    Does anyone have any good tips on how to manage neck pain for office workers? Sitting at the keyboard and typing all day can take it's toll on the neck! Any stretches or words of wisdom would be GREATLY appreciated!!
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    Neil Synnott

    Exercise Physiologist, Physiotherapist

    I am qualified as a PHYSIOTHERAPIST and ACCREDITED EXERCISE PHYSIOLOGIST.I primarily use the McKENZIE METHOD for assessment and management of musculoskeletal pain disorders. The McKENZIE … View Profile

    Hi Nicky,

    My name is Neil. I practice as a physiotherapist and regularly treat people (plenty of them with office related employment) with acute and chronic neck pain.

    A few tips to manage, reduce and even prevent neck pain while in an office environment:Your sitting posture - sit up as tall as possible (chest up) and look straight ahead. Often, a rolled up towel placed at the level of the belt helps support the lower back.Computer/ desk set up - have the computer monitor set at a height so your eyes look straight ahead. Also place peripherals (mouse, phone, documents close by to minimise reaching/ twisting/ leaning).Get up and walk around for 2-3 minutes every 60 hour - changing your body position is important to reduce stresses on your body?Perform neck exercises - sit up tall in chair, keep eyes looking directly forward, pull chin back (make a double chin is the most descriptive visual I have) as far as possible (picture to be uploaded soon). Hold end position for 1-2 seconds. Repeat x10 each hour or as symptoms develop.If symptoms persist consult with a physiotherapist/ osteopath/ chiropractor - for specific assessment and management strategies.

    Regards, Neil?

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    Nicky @team healthshare

    HealthShare Member

    Excellent tips Neil. Thank you. I'm going to highlight these to our Facebook and Twitter followers as I think a lot of people would benefit!

  • Graduated in 1997 from the Uni of Melbourne and have studied extensively the problem shoulder. Also have interests in knee, foot and ankle, and wrist … View Profile

    I have posted this information sheet on another question but it relates to this stream quite cleanly.  Neil's advise and tips are very useful.  This sheet gives further information on correct office ergonomics.  It was developed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association.

    Hope this helps.



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