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    Do i have sinus issues or not?

    I had surgery earlier this year (straighten septum) and a couple of months after this surgery i have been experiencing pain in my cheeks and forehead (between my eyes). I have had about 5 lots of antibiotics and they don’t do anything. At first they seem to work and then it came back after a couple of weeks and then the last lot I had they did nothing at all. At the moment I am still getting the pain but no green discharge from my nose of down the back of my throat as I was getting back a few months ago. The pain in my cheeks at time is more a burning pain. Is this sinus?

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  • A/Prof Nicholas Stow

    Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Surgeon

    Clinical Associate Professor Nicholas Stow completed his specialist training in NSW, then undertook 2 years of subspecialty training in Sinus and Nasal Surgery in Switzerland … View Profile

    Sinusitis is a condition characterised by inflammation of the sinuses, which are cavities with the facial bones, surrounding the nasal cavities. The hallmark features are nasal blockage, runny nose, or mucus dripping down your throat and facial discomfort or reduced sense of smell may also be present. If the symptoms persist on most days for over 3 months, the condition is chronic. Acute sinusitis often occurs after a cold and lasts less than 2 weeks. 

    If facial pain is not accompanied by the other symptoms, it is likely that sinusitis is not the cause. There are many possible causes for facial pain and most have effective treatments. I suggest you see your GP who can assess your problem more accurately and initiate some treatment. 

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