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    Biofeedback for chronic pain

    Hi, my name is Craig. I have now suffered chronic pain and migraines for eight years. I have found minimal change with a variety of medications until I came across Biofeedback with a practitioner ( Sue Stern and associates)here in Sydney. If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask.
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    • fierymars
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    HealthShare Member

    Hi Craig, Saw your comment re your chronic pain. I am suffering same and wondering what areas Sue Stern specialises in. I have chronic neurological pain and am not having any success down here in Hobart with any treatment. Medications do not help and as you well know chronic pain can wear you down mentally and physically. Wondering where you found the Biofeedback; was it on this site. Standing up writing this as I cannot sit even!!! Ever so happy for you to have found someone to ease your pain. Would like to hear from you. Cheers for now, fierymars


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